This time Elon is wrong.

I was watching the Elon Musk’s TED Talk – the one where he talks about the Boring company that he’s building in his spare time to dig underground tunnels for high-speed transportation – and also of course Tesla, SpaceX etc.

God I love that guy. Seriously.

But tunnels? Maybe that’s too far for me to understand but I don’t think tunnels are the best solution to overcrowding. I think the best solution to overcrowding is population density control.

I’m certain cities are evil. The fact that we’re millions in the same space gives us no real benefit – we have the vertigo of possibility about restaurants and maybe all the cool apps to do stuff, but honestly, that’s it. Usually, the air quality is bad, the waiting times for everything are bad, food is not produced locally, personal space comes at a price. So really, I think we should try and regulate high-density areas. Starting with office space.

It’s 2017. Do we really need physical offices? Before high-speed internet, smartphones etc. – maybe. But now telecommuting is the best thing ever. If we could telecommute the majority of the workforce, we could relocate shared physical spaces in low-density areas, removing traffic congestion. We would have “representing offices” if you needed to have a cool space to receive customers etc. We would have VR meetings, AR consultations with doctors, engineers etc.

Same with brick-and-mortar shops. I know it’s amazing to go into a shop and go out with the product, but with Amazon being ubiquitous, we could simply have showcase shops where you check out the product, and then have it delivered to your home by a flying drone. You want it delivered in shop? No problem, the drone will deliver it there. You don’t want drones flying overhead all the time? Self-driving delivery trucks.

Removing/diminishing the need for commuting allows a redistribution of spaces towards residential needs, and removes traffic congestion. So I think while I love Elon, this time he’s looking at curing the symptom, not the problem.

2 thoughts on “This time Elon is wrong.

  1. Elon is playing the long game. His company is all about improving the technology for his Mars mission. The surface weather there is brutal. The first settlements will need to be underground. He is all about pushing the key technologies he will need on Mats to improve. See Hyperloop as a prime example.

    1. You might be onto something here. I didn’t think about it this way; it would suit Elon’s style.

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