Dead Men Naked

Are you ready for a road trip with Death himself? The answer is yes if your love and your best friend’s life depend on that!

Follow the steps of Lou, our everyday anti-hero, while on a road trip from dusty interstates to lousy strip clubs, accompanied by his own personal, skinny, sarcastic anthropomorphic embodiment of his own Death which – who? – goes by D.

DEAD MEN NAKED is Dario Cannizzaro’s debut novel. His short stories have appeared in many Literary Magazines, online and in print, such as The Galway Review, Trigger Warning Short Fiction, Two Thousand Words, and Chantwood Magazine – and have been most recently collected in the anthology “Of Life, Death, Aliens, and Zombies”.

Narrated with the characteristic prose that differentiates Cannizzaro’s work – minimalistic at its core, but with incredibly powerful and lyrical flights of fancy – this modern and magical tale uses a touch of humor, philosophy, and poetry, to explore what it takes to accept our own mortality.


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